Gianna is an experienced speaker and motivator and has presented at industry conferences, company workshops, government agencies and universities.  She is a catalyst for action and change and uses her passion and experience to help leaders and employees understand what it takes to deliver exceptional customer service and inspires them to start the journey.  She uses examples from real experiences, is willing to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly and has a knack for connecting with the audience.

What people say about Gianna’s keynotes:

  • “Words simply escape me as I reflect upon your presentation to the college faculty and staff.  You are an amazing speaker, presenter, comedian, leader and spokesperson.”    University VP Academic Affairs
  • “A truly inspiring morning.  Something we can apply in all aspects of our lives.”  HR Manager
  • “Gianna is a ball of fire.  She can captivate an audience and is effective because she is the real deal.”  Project Manager

Keynotes and Presentations