Can You “See” What’s Missing?

I recently visited a swanky optometrist establishment to order some eye glass frames.  The selection was fantastic but as you can “see” from the picture, something is missing . . . a service associate.

After waiting about 10 minutes, a service associate came into the room with another customer and sat at one of the small tables to adjust the customer’s frames.  She never even acknowledged me.  I waited patiently and when her customer left, I approached her for some help.  She said, “I’ll get to you when I finish this order”.  Really?  A few minutes later she returned and placed my order.

But that’s not the best part of my story.  When I went to the checkout to pay for my  glasses, the associate there was very accommodating.   As she finished the transaction she said “Have your heard about our WOW guarantee?”  Uh No.

Too bad this establishment doesn’t understand that the customer experience begins when you arrive and that every interaction along the way contributes to the overall experience.  I hope they can soon ‘see’ the error of their ways.

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