Toxic Leaders . . . Are They Poisoning Your Workplace?

toxic leader web post 2Leadership.

It’s the single most important variable in a company’s success. With so much focus on leadership, one might think that toxic leadership went out with the era of robber barons and speakeasies.

But toxic leaders are still with us. They are at the root of low employee engagement, stifled innovation and high employee turnover. Their behaviors vary, but their impact is the same: they poison the workplace.

Who are these toxic leaders? How are they affecting the organization? How do they thrive in today’s work environment? Is there an antidote?

Find the answer to these questions and more in my latest book Toxic Leaders: Are They Poisoning Your Workplace? where you meet Martin, a new executive assigned to a Good Ole Boy organization; Sally, a successful manager who encounters a bullying boss; Derrick, a strong leader who unknowingly accepts a position working for a Control Freak; and Ricardo, a rising star who found himself in the shadows of a Cloak and Dagger director.

Their stories allow readers to experience the dynamics created by toxic leader behaviors in the workplace through the eyes of those impacted.

As with most leadership fables, there are lessons to be learned that can be applied in the business world to improve workplace culture.

Toxic Leaders – Are They Poisoning Your Workplace? will be available November 15th from Lulu Press.

Visit the Toxic Leaders website and discover 9 attributes that define a toxic leader.