Transforming Our Government Agencies With Everyday Excellence

e2logo savedImplementing successful change in our government agencies will not only require translating new policy into action but will require transforming how government agencies work.  As an experienced Business Transformation Executive and Change Leader in a FORTUNE 250 company, I can attest to how daunting this task sounds for an organization as large as the federal government but businesses across our nation have figured it out. Once a strategic direction is defined, the real work begins in getting agencies to embrace and execute the new approach and achieve sustainable change. Government leaders will need to nurture innovation, inspire employees and engage them in the transformation effort. Government employees must learn and apply continuous improvement tools to successfully implement process change and to sustain ongoing improvements. And cultural norms will need to be adjusted to allow for a new way of doing business.

A structured approach that includes a compelling vision and a blueprint for honing plans, engaging people and reshaping processes to achieve the organizational transformation will be required for government agencies to deliver the promises made to our country.    Vision – Plan – People – Process are the critical component of the Everyday Excellence Model.

In my 30 year career, I have led successful transformation in several business areas and can attest to the need for a strong focus on shaping new leadership behaviors, engaging employees and providing people with new skills and tools to implement change and drive continuous improvement. I developed the Everyday Excellence Model   to help organizations be the best at what they do best. For government agencies this means getting things done right the first time, eliminating waste and rework, simplifying steps and cutting out unnecessary or non-value added reviews, signatures and paperwork. Everyday Excellence will enable government leaders to run their agencies in an efficient and effective manner to better serve the people.

The federal government could greatly benefit from an improvement initiative that provides employees with process improvement skills and engages them in building efficient and effective processes to transform how our government provides services. President-elect Trump has set the direction for change. It is now time for agencies in the federal government to embrace Everyday Excellence.