You Don’t Have to Learn a Foreign Language to Improve Your Business

ci jargon5Improving your business processes is not as hard as you may think and getting started doesn’t require that you learn a foreign language.  Many organizations can begin improving processes by learning some basic process improvement tools that help them brainstorm opportunities, prioritize ideas, map processes, identify gaps, define solutions and implement change.  Tutorials can be found on the web for most of these tools and a savvy process improvement professional can facilitate start-up.  Once some basics are in place, organizations can easily expand their capabilities through more formal methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma or Agile.

This approach is particularly beneficial to small businesses who may not have the resources to implement a full blown continuous improvement methodology but are eager to seek process improvement.  Large companies can also benefit from employees learning and applying these foundational tools.

There is no denying that Six Sigma, Lean and Agile are proven methodologies for transforming organizations and achieving top notch processes. But for those companies who aren’t ready or able to embrace a full blown methodology, learning a few process improvement tools is a good place to start.