Gianna delivers keynotes and presentations that are motivational and  impactful. She has a knack for sharing her knowledge and experience in a way that connects with her audience and inspires them to take action.

Gianna has presented at industry conferences, company workshops, government agencies and universities.  She is a catalyst for action and change and uses her passion and experience to help leaders  envision the future, empower their organization and engage their workforce.

What people say about Gianna:

  • “Words simply escape me as I reflect upon your presentation to the college faculty and staff.  You are an amazing speaker, presenter, comedian, leader and spokesperson.”    VP Academic Affairs VUU
  • “A truly inspiring morning.  Something we can apply in all aspects of our lives.”  HR Manager
  • “Gianna is a ball of fire.  She can captivate an audience and is effective because she is the real deal.”  Project Manager

Keynotes and Presentations