Is Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy Focused on the Problem or Solution?

Creating a more inclusive and engaging work environment requires change. Behavior change. Process change. Culture change. And although understanding the reason for change (i.e. the problem) is important, it’s the solution that will ultimately move your organization forward.

As you build your D&I strategy, you should focus on the positive outcomes that you are trying to achieve: Fairness, Inclusion, Respect, Equity and Dialogue.  These are principles that most people can buy into and can serve as a foundation for building a cadre of supporters that will be the catalyst for change.

It’s also important that the organization sees visible changes in leadership behaviors and processes that support the desired outcomes.  Teaching leaders how to facilitate Brainstorming sessions is a great way for them to solicit input and feedback from every employee. Using a Decision Matrix with a diverse panel for hiring, promotions and other personnel decisions reduces bias. And creating an Employee Success Plan for each employee provides a fair and equitable approach to employee development. These are all visible and tangible changes that send a clear message that you’re not just talking, you are doing.

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