3 Attributes That Can Boost CDO Effectiveness

As companies continue to strengthen their focus on diversity and inclusion, many are hiring a Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to lead the effort. Keeping in mind that one of the outcomes of CDO efforts is to help the organization build a culture of fairness, equity and inclusion, the following three attributes can boost their effectiveness.

  1. Change Management Skills: CDOs with strong change management skills can help organizations design a transformation plan that identifies needed behavior changes, addresses knowledge gaps and incorporates actions to reinforce desired behaviors.
  2. Process Tools: CDOs who are proficient in process tools can help leaders embrace and apply these tools to redesign decision-making processes that enable more objective and equitable outcomes.
  3. Coaching Skills: A CDO with strong coaching skills can help leaders reshape their behaviors. These new leadership behaviors, when repeated and reinforced, form the foundation for the cultural shift needed to support a fair, equitable and inclusive work environment.

CDOs play a critical role is helping leaders achieve transformational change in their organization. By helping organizations design effective transformation plans, empowering them with tools and skills that facilitate new processes/behaviors and serving as a coach to help leaders achieve the desired outcomes, CDOs are well positioned to be a strong catalyst for positive culture change.

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