Customer WOW

Creating an exceptional customer experience not only requires leaders with passion and employees with purpose, it requires a systematic approach that delivers What’s Needed, On Time, With Value (WOW).

What’s Needed:   Correct item/service, No defects or errors,  Accurate transaction/bill, right price-point

On Time:  Product/service available, minimal wait time, easy transaction

With Value:   Connection care and concern, delighters

Providing a customer with What’s Needed (correct item/service, no defects or errors,  accurate transaction/bill, right price-point) is a customer expectation.  When you deliver, it won’t delight your customer. But not getting it right is a huge dissatisfier and a major barrier to achieving service excellence.

Next, Deliver On Time. On (product/service is available, minimal wait time, easy transaction). In today’s world when it only takes an instant to communicate, place an order, find information or reserve a hotel room, waiting in line for anything is a customer dissatisfier.  No one tells a story about going to the store and having an efficient check-out but there are plenty of stories about when things don’t go well.

Providing your customer What’s Needed and delivering On Time creates a foundation for exceptional service and can be achieved by

  • Defining your core business, products and services in terms of what’s important to the customer
  • Reviewing metrics that describe your performance level in these areas to identify gaps in performance
  • Applying continuous improvement tools to close gaps and eliminate dissatisfiers
  • Constantly drawing on customer input to gauge your success and make adjustments accordingly

Delivering exceptional service starts with providing What’s Needed – One Time. Do it With Value and you are on your way to achieving exceptional service.

What is value?   It’s the emotional component of service excellence.  It’s about how your customers feel.

  • Do your customers believe you care about them and are interested in making sure their needs are met?
  • Do your customers feel important?
  • Do your customers feel like you respect their time and their input?
  • Do your customers believe you are willing to put forth the effort to deliver the best experience possible?

This can only be achieved when your organization has embraced a culture of service excellence and your company and employees truly care about customers.  When that happens, delivering exceptional service is not what you do, it’s you are.

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Delivering exceptional customer service excellence requires solid processes and a passion for serving customers. It’s achieved by providing customers What’s Needed – On Time – With Value. Some companies get it. Others don’t. Visit my WOW Blog and join me for a “Walk on the W.O.W. Side” as I share stories about WOW and not-so-WOW experiences and provide tips on how you too can “Be The WOW”.