Written in handbook style, Everyday Excellence Leadership is chocked full of anecdotes, tools and proven methods that help leaders 1) Focus and align their organization around goals 2) Apply tools to make better and more equitable decisions 3) Facilitate employee empowerment and ownership 4) Create meaningful employee development plans 5) Foster an engaging and inclusive workplace.

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Employee Engagement has been proven to boost individual, team and operational performance resulting in higher productivity, better customer engagement, fewer accidents, better retention and higher profits. In other words, employee engagement matters.

In her new book, Gianna explores the 5 leadership “must haves” for creating an engaging work environment.Employees deserve a work environment where they feel appreciated, valued and engaged. It’s time for leaders to take action to make it so.

If not now, when?

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Does your company have what it takes to W.O.W. your customers and keep them coming back? Delivering exceptional service starts with embracing your brand, getting the basics right and then delivering delighters that will turn your customers into your best marketing advocate.

Whether you are a FORTUNE 500 company or a small to mid-size business, delivering Customer W.O.W. is just good business.

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Toxic leaders are at the root of low employee engagement, stifled innovation and high employee turnover. Who are these toxic leaders? How are they affecting the organization? How do they thrive in today’s work environment? Is there an antidote?

The answer to these questions will become clear as you meet Martin, a new executive assigned to a Good Ole Boy organization; Sally a successful engineer who encounters a Bullying Boss and Derrick, a strong director who unknowingly accepts a position working for a Control Freak.

Included in this book are three case studies that describe the impact that toxic leaders have on individuals and their organization, a discussion of the pros and cons of various alternatives for dealing with a toxic leader and a suggested antidote to make things right.

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Hundreds of books describe Six Sigma methods, tools, and deployment strategies. Dozens more describe success. This book, written in a Q&A format and based on research, benchmarking, and practical experience, this short book provides answers to dozens of questions posed by deployment leaders every day.

Whether you read it cover-to-cover of just look up your topic of interest, you may find the answers in knowing what questions to ask.

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