Everyday Excellence Leadership is currently offering on-site workshops.  Our Workshops empower leaders with proven methods that can be immediately implemented to yield results.  Leaders learn tools and skills to improve productivity, accelerate change, foster an engaging and inclusive work environment and deliver value for their company. 

In addition to our signature 2-day Leadership Workshop our NEW Diversity, Equity and Inclusion workshop “Get FIRED Up” empowers leaders with skills and tools to facilitate a workplace where everyone thrives. 

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Everyday Excellence Leadership Workshop®

Our 2-day Everyday Excellence Leadership Workshop enables leaders to build the capability your company needs to deliver sustainable results and create value for your company, customers and employees. Leaders Learn how to Envision the Future, Empower their Workforce and Engage Employees to Deliver Sustainable Results.

Envision the Future

Defining a vision or goal that inspires and energizes the workforce is the first step in creating a path to success. Translating vision into action requires leaders with passion, employees with purpose and a keen ability to engage your workforce to make it so. Leaders will learn how to:

  • Define and communicate a compelling vision
  • Create a line-of-site to actionable outcomes
  • Connect Employees to purpose and goals

Empower Your Workforce

Employees today know more, can do more and are anxious to make a difference. When employees are empowered with the skills and tools to make change it creates unlimited possibilities, drives innovation and enables you to be the best at what you do best. Leaders will learn how to:

  • Apply process tools to optimize workflow, eliminate waste, reduce cost and spark innovation
  • Promote sustainable change
  • Facilitate a culture of continuous improvement

Engage Employees

People want to make a difference. They want to have purpose and meaning in their work. And they want to be noticed and valued for their contributions. Build trust, instill purpose, develop talent and value contributions, and your employees will become the catalyst for sustainable change. Leaders will learn how to:

  • Build Trust
  • Foster an inclusive work environment
  • Create meaningful employee development plans
  • Recognize and reward achievements

Putting it All Together

Link and Sync to Drive Value

Envision. Empower. Engage. Leaders will learn how to link and sync these critical components to deliver value for their employees, customers and company.

NEW! Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop for Leaders: Get FIRED Up!

DEI: Are You Ready to Stop Talking & Start Doing?

Real change begins when leaders embrace the skills and tools they need to build a work environment where everyone feels respected, valued and heard.  Our 1-day on-site “Get FIRED Up” workshop focuses on 5 critical factors (Fairness, Inclusion, Respect, Equity, Dialogue) and empowers leaders with 5 TOOLS that help them bring more objectivity and parity to everyday decisions and work practices while fostering a more engaging and inclusive work environment.

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Workshops are Facilitated by Gianna Clark:  Gianna has more than 25 years of leadership experience developing strategy, building top performing teams, achieving everyday excellence and transforming businesses.

As an industry recognized transformation leader, Gianna is passionate about delivering exceptional service. In her role as Vice President Customer Service at Dominion Energy, a FORTUNE 500 Company, she developed and implemented her signature Customer WOW initiative, designed a strategy and deployment model for new technology and programs, commissioned a new knowledge sharing platform, established a new service delivery model and enhanced training and development programs resulting in a significant increase in eBusiness, 55% reduction in customer complaints, a 15% reduction in cost of service and a significant increase in J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores.

Her experience encompasses a steady progression of increasing accomplishments that serve as a testament to her ability to achieve and sustain long term organizational and process changes that result in significant value.

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