7 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Matters

Companies with engaged employees are:

  1. 21% more profitable
  2. Have 40% less turnover
  3. Have 70% less safety incidents
  4. Are 17% more productive
  5. Have 40% less defects
  6. Have 41% less absenteeism
  7. Have 10% higher customer satisfaction

With so many benefits, companies have realized that increasing employee engagement not only makes for happier employees, it’s just good business How do you do improve employee engagement? GALLUP statistics have shown that 60% of the variance in engagement scores can be attributed to managers/leaders. That being said, what do leaders need to do to improve engagement?

The 5 ‘Must-Haves” for improved engagement requires leaders to build trust, create connection, empower employees, develop people and reward results.

Where is your organization on the engagement scale? Below is a quick summary of the 5 “Must Haves” that can help you assess if your leaders need to improve their skills to better facilitate a more engaging work environment.

Trust: Leaders and employees share a mutual trust. Employees believe their leader cares about them personally and professionally and that the leader is honest and fair. 

Connection: Employees are passionate about the vision and mission of the company and can articulate their personal role in achieving it. They believe that their contributions have purpose and meaning and are willing to expend discretionary effort to achieve results.

Empowerment: Employees have a voice in how their work is done, are empowered to make decisions within a framework and have the skills, tools and infrastructure to implement change in their work processes. 

Development: Employees have the opportunity to learn, grow and advance with the company. Leaders actively work with employees to develop employee skills, identify growth and career opportunities and position employees for success.

Recognition and Reward: Employees feel valued and appreciated. They are recognized and rewarded with timely and consistent messages and actions that convey appreciation and gratitude. 

Employees deserve a work environment where they feel appreciated, valued and engaged. It’s time for leaders to take action to make it so. If not now, when?

Need a boost to get started? Everyday Excellence Leadership Academy offers a 1-day Employee Engagement Workshop that provides leaders with a proven framework, best practices and actionable tools that address the five “must haves” for creating and sustaining an engaging work environment. You can enroll in the March 25th Workshop in Winston Salem NC at EventBrite or visit Everyday Excellence Leadership Academy to learn more about onsite custom workshops.

*Engagement statistics from GALLUP survey results

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