Driving Sustainable Transformation from Within

Picture this. A cadre of consultants hovering over charts and data figuring out how to transform YOUR business. Meanwhile, the people that have the best answers are left out of the equation as consultants hand the answer to management on a platter leaving employees behind to pick up the pieces in the aftermath. Wouldn’t it be better to empower your employees and leaders with skills and tools to lead their own transformation? Why hand outsiders the keys to your business when you can teach your organization the basic skills and tools to transform themselves, not just once but on a continuous basis thus enabling your company to meet ever-changing customer demands.  

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enlist the help of a consultant to guide you through the transformation process. But you should make sure that the consultant’s role is to guide YOU through the process, help YOU find the answers and support YOU in making changes that are best for your business.

Transforming a business is not rocket science but it does require a systematic approach. In any transformation effort there are three basic components that if executed well and linked together forms the foundation for long-term sustainable change.  

First you need to Envision the Future: Defining a clear and compelling vision that inspires, energizes and creates a mental picture of the future is the first step in envisioning the future. The path to success requires leaders with passion, employees with purpose and a keen ability to create a line-of-site to the future state for every employee.

Next you need to Empower your Organization: Employees today know more, can do more and are anxious to make a difference. Gone are the days of top-down decision-making. When the organization is provided with the skills, tools and authority to make change, marvelous things will begin to happen.

Most importantly you need to Engage Employees: People want to make a difference. They want to be part of something big – something that gives them purpose and meaning. And they want to be noticed and valued for their contributions. Build trust, instill purpose, develop talent and value contributions, and your employees will become the catalyst for success.

Whether your transformation is focused on improving service, reducing cost or building a more inclusive work environment, providing your team with the motivation, skills and tools to drive the change needed will increase trust between your leaders and employees, facilitate more buy-in and increase ownership. These three elements are the foundation for sustainable change. 

Envision – Empower – Engage.   Critical Components. Perfectly synchronized. Driving value for your Company, Customers and Employees. 

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