Who Are You?

absolemWho are you? . . .the famous question posed by Absolem, the blue caterpillar in the Disney movie Alice in Wonderland.  For companies, establishing a compelling  vision is an important first step in defining who you are.  Your vision should define your purpose, instill passion and guide decision-making and if executed well, serve as the foundation for defining who you are (i.e. your company’s brand)

The gap between vision and brand is far and deep.  Some companies spend thousands of dollars on developing a company brand only to be overshadowed by their true brand that is defined by how the company operates and how its employees interact with customers, the community and each other.

Does your brand match your vision? Has your company defined a compelling vision that employees can connect with, own and be passionate about? If you stepped out of your office and asked your employees about your vision would you get a consistent response?  If you asked your customers and the general public about your company what would they say?

Defining a compelling vision is  the first step in shaping your brand.  Add a well thought-out plan aligned to your vision, effective processes and engaged employees and you are well on your way to being the best at what you do best . . . your brand.

Your vision is who you want to be . . . your brand is who you are.  Who Are You?





Photo Credit: Toon Barn / LemontheMove.com


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