5 Leadership Must-Haves to Engage Employees

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Employee engagement has been proven to boost individual, team and operational performance resulting in higher productivity, better customer engagement, fewer accidents, better retention and higher profitability.

Results from the GALLUP 2018 State of the American Workplace Survey indicates that only 34% of employees are engaged. Given the strong evidence that employee engagement matters, why are engagement figures so low?  More importantly, why haven’t companies been able to unlock this potential gold mine?

If you spend time combing through the many surveys, analysis and conclusions, you will find one variable that consistently emerges as the single most important contributor to employee engagement. Leadership. 

Employees today want more than a job and a paycheck. They want a leader that they can trust. Someone who helps them connect with the company’s mission and empowers them to make a difference. Employees want a leader who cares about them, their career and values their contributions. These wants form the basis for the new employee engagement model.

If companies want to reap the huge benefits that come with an engaged workforce, they will need to provide their leaders with the skills and tools to make it so.  Leaders will need to learn and practice new behaviors to build trust, embrace new tools to connect employees to the company’s mission, create opportunities to empower employees, expand their employee development and coaching skills and master the art of  recognizing and rewarding employee contributions. These are the five leadership ‘must-haves’ for engaging employees.

Employees deserve a work environment where they feel appreciated, valued and engaged. It’s time for leaders to take action to make it so. If not now, when?

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