Leading Innovation Takes Grit

grit2Whether it’s developing new products or services, changing how they are delivered or restructuring work processes to be more efficient, being able to find new and innovative ways to meet customer demands is critical to success. Innovation is no longer reserved for the chosen few but has become a mainstay in addressing the ongoing challenge posed by rapid technology and market changes.

The good news is that most organizations are chocked full of employees with bright ideas. The challenge? Bringing these ideas to light. That’s where leadership matters

Developing and honing  leadership skills needed to foster an innovative work environment is key to building high performing teams that drive innovation.  Leaders will need to:

  • Define a compelling vision, help employees find purpose in it, and pursue their vision with relentless passion.
  • Cultivate a work environment where new and different ideas are encouraged, shared and valued
  •  Provide employees with skills and tools to translate ideas into reality
  • Manage risk, overcome barriers to change and achieve sustainable results

Leading innovation takes a willingness to embrace new skills and behaviors, the drive to succeed and the courage to fail. But most of all it takes grit.

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