Reset. Restart. Is Your Business Ready?

Getting back on track after COVID-19 may very well require a reset-restart. Have you identified reset-restart goals? More importantly, have you created a “Line-of-Site” to these goals to fast track your recovery?

Defining a Line-of-Site for reset-restart goals will help you align your organization, facilitate employee ownership and identify the motive force needed to accelerate change.  When each employee understands the purpose of a goal, what success looks like, their personal impact and what’s in it for them, they are more likely to expend discretionary effort to make it so.

If you are looking for a tool to help you jump start your reset-restart goals, check out the Line-of-Site tool summary. It’s just one of the many tools in the he Everyday Excellence Leadership Toolbox designed to help leaders leverage ordinary tools to achieve extraordinary results.  

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