Fear Of Change

Iscarry eyes1n any business transformation, employees will be asked to think differently and do things differently.   If you are having issues with resistance to change, it may just be the fear factor at work. Change can be a scary thing. You are asking people who have been successful at doing things a certain way to change. This creates uncertainty. What if doing things differently doesn’t work?  What if they can’t learn the new skills? There is comfort in knowing that you are an expert in the process and when the process changes, it strips away confidence and can instill fear.  The only thing that can quiet this uncertainty and fear is trust.

During times of change, you can strengthen trust by having candid conversations about proposed changes, allowing people to voice their concerns and assuring people that they will receive the training needed to succeed.   The more trust employees have in their  leadership, the more willing they will be to do things differently, follow a new path and have confidence in their actions.   If there is no trust, employees will not follow.  And if employees don’t follow, you cannot lead.

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