Making Change? Here’s the One Thing You Can’t Buy

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Keeping up in today’s changing world requires a constant eye on the market, technology and your customers. Companies also must have the ability to quickly adapt to new ways of doing business as new skills, new processes and new technology can pave the way to success. 

Many companies look to consultants that have a proven track record to help them implement change. Some may adopt formal programs to drive process improvement, manage change and enhance employee engagement. Any and all these actions can serve as a catalyst for change. But there is one thing, a very necessary component of change, that you can’t buy. Trust.

Trust is an essential part of being able to make change. If employees don’t trust their leadership, no amount of process improvement training or change management can successfully bridge the gap between an idea and implementation. Trust is the one thing that enables employees to support a leader’s decision even though they might have reservations about it or to make a leap of faith based on the promise of success.

Building trust takes time and must be reinforced daily through thoughtful words and consistent actions.  It requires that leaders keep promises, be ethical and fair, give credit where due; communicate openly and honestly and take a genuine interest in employees.

Building and maintaining trust is a 24/7 job. Leaders, through their words and actions, make choices every day that can either strengthen trust or destroy trust. Once trust is lost, implementing successful and sustainable change will be nearly impossible and no amount of money, consultants or programs can get it back. 

You can’t buy trust.

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